Five More of the Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Part II

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Five More of the Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Part II

Here are five more of the latest bathroom remodeling trends for 2022 and 2023.

Wood Accents Are Back and Trendier Than Ever: As mentioned in last week’s post, grey is slowly making its way out of home remodeling trends. With this comes the return of warmer tones and accents, specifically wooden ones. Various shades of wood can compliment white, blue, green, and darker colored bathrooms, practically anywhere. Wood accents pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends so it’s no surprise that they’re popping up again. This look adds a classically traditional style to your otherwise trendy and modern bathroom. We’re seeing it in unique styles as well.

Compact Storage Spaces For all You Neat Freaks: Sick over crammed, messy cabinet spaces? Today’s bathrooms will display simpler ways of life as they minimize item storage and the space required. Compacted storage areas, cabinets, shelves, etc. will be presented in a simplified manner that promotes minimalist habits. This lifestyle is believed to help relieve stress and keep you organized. Even if your other rooms are not as minimal, the bathroom is a relaxation sanctuary and compact storage can effectively provide just that. Hidden cabinets, modern wall shelving, and vanity under space storage will appear less cluttered, allowing the entire bathroom to feel more open and organized.

Down to Earth: As we continue to stray further and further from gray and cool tones, we expect to see an increase of earthy tones in accents, fixtures, and accessories in bathrooms. These earthy tones pair nicely with most colors, either light or dark. Greens, blues, and browns are included in these earth tones. However, we see them being used as warmer tones this year rather than cool. Not only are earthy tones easy on the eyes, but they also increase relaxation levels because of the feelings of nature and wellness they give us. Earth tones are a fun way to add a unique touch to your otherwise blah bathroom. Which color would you want to add during your bathroom design remodel?

It’s All About the Showers: Free standing tubs have been the focal point in bathrooms, and although they will remain, we are predicting that showers overthrow the tubs as the focal point. Showers are becoming larger and larger, and with that gives your designer a bigger opportunity to use fun and sleek tiles in your shower. If you have the space, consider including a skylight above the shower. This will certainly cast a natural spotlight on the luxurious space and will give the luxurious touch your shower needs. Using a different tile in your wall niche gives your shower the perfect focal point.

Wet Rooms: As the bathroom changes, the possibility for expansion and more space come to mind. In fact, the goal of having more space is oftentimes the number one reason why homeowners choose to remodel. This includes the bathroom too. With compact storage options, you give yourself more room to expand on the bath or shower. Having a wet room for your shower and bathtub is the best solution to maximizing practicality and convenience in your bathroom.